About the artist

NiteScape Astrophotography took off in 2020, coinciding with the remarkable approach of the comet Neowise towards Earth. During that period, I found myself falling into the common trap of purchasing a subpar and, to put it frankly, cheap telescope. It became clear that my lack of knowledge was evident as I struggled to even locate the moon, let alone a small comet in the night sky.

Determined to improve my skills, I embarked on extensive research online and eventually invested in my first telescope, which marked the beginning of a collection that would grow to include four. For over a year, I dedicated myself to mastering the intricacies of telescope usage, aligning the mount, experimenting with various cameras, and ultimately combining multiple photos into a single, stunning deep sky image.

Simultaneously, I invested countless months into learning the art of data processing within my photo software, striving to achieve the most exquisite and crystal-clear images possible. As I shared my work with family and friends online, an acquaintance expressed interest in purchasing some of my creations. It was at this pivotal moment that the concept of NiteScape Astrophotography was conceived.