Metal Prints vs. Canvas?

Metal Prints vs. Canvas?

Canvas is undoubtedly an excellent choice. With their classic look, and surrounding your picture with warmth, canvas prints make a lovely contribution to one's home décor. But they do have certain drawbacks. For one, canvas attracts dust, which can accumulate over time and distort the inks. Another major consideration is how canvas interacts with light. Placed at the right relationship to the light, a canvas picture acquires a certain vibrancy and full-bodiedness. But when not directly under light - and especially at nighttime - canvas has a tendency to retreat from the room, leaving your pictures withering in the dark.
With metal prints, however, there are no such problems. For one, metal prints are extremely durable. They are long-lasting, and are well-suited for adverse climates, making them an ideal way to display pictures outdoors. In the case of an aluminum print, the accretion of dust is no object: simply brush it away with a microfiber towel or a shammy, and it's as good as new. And when it comes to lighting, aluminum prints are more adaptable than canvas. These prints aren't dependent upon lighting to look their best, but instead play off of the lighting conditions at a given place or time, always presenting a play of contrast, reflection, and shadow, in sync with the lighting.


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